Linking Retailers to Consumers

Penguin Ice Plus is 100% Fruit Juice Based, with no artificial sweeteners or refined sugar.

'Hot Lunch' - Fruit or Vegetable Component

One 4- ounce serving of Penguin Ice 100% Fruit Juice Gourmet Slush can replace a fruit or vegetable component on the hot lunch program due to our 'Nutritional Value'. The product cost is a totally reimbursable expense when served as a hot meal component. Adding Penguin Ice Plus on a designated day/offering can increase overall hot lunch sales by 18-23 percent!

How Penguin Ice Compares to Other Lunch Components!

Serving Size8oz. Serving(Large 3½")7oz.
Total Fat3g0.036g0g 
Saturated Fat2g0.059g0g 
Total Carbohydrate11g29.28g22g
Vitamin C4%16%100% 

*The FDA has certified a 4oz. serving of 100% Fruit Juice can replace a fruit component on your hot lunch menu. Penguin Ice Plus is 100% Fruit Juice!

**These numbers were taken from the FDA nutritional site.